Here’s What To Expect With Our Sleep Coaching Support Services:

We prefer the term sleep coaching over sleep training. We work with the family on helping your little ones sleep better at night. We consider it a team effort. While we work with your baby on establishing healthy sleep habits from day one, the coaching doesn’t begin until they are at least 3 months old. A few things to remember when considering seeking help for your exhausted family: Every baby is different. Just because your sister’s baby has “slept through the night” from 6 weeks on doesn’t mean anything. Different baby, different circumstances. You aren’t being selfish by asking for help. You’re exhausted and no one functions well on little to no sleep. There are different styles of sleep coaching. Let us help you find the style that best suits your family. Breastfeeding? Fantastic! We fully support nursing. Formula feeding? That’s great, too. We support your parenting style. We offer both gentle and cry it out methods.

Unlimited phone, email, and text support


We recommend 2-3 nights a week of coaching for singletons and 3-5 nights a week of coaching for multiples.
Every family is different – for some, they see instant results in a week. For other families, it may take weeks.
We encourage paying and booking weekly for this reason.

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