Graphic Design & Visual Trends

Graphic Design goes through it’s phases like any aesthetic component in today’s rapidly changing marketing platform. Designers have transitioned into a more simplistic flat design due to the use of more smartphones/ mobile devices and following the trends of app designs which are flat for both visual and functional  use. Flat design uses flat buttons, natural box shadows, text shadows, or rounded corners. Read More

Trending Web Design

Websites are changing, it’s true. With more smartphone usage to access our favorite news stories, blogs and social media, websites have had to adapt to being viewed on significantly smaller screens which have changed how websites are being designed. Quick navigation and access to information is vital on a smartphone and influence design as a whole. Videos are quicker (5-7 seconds), buttons are larger, navigation is simple, and design is stream-lined to give the user the ultimate stress-free experience when learning about a brand on their mobile device. Read More

Google Hummingbird Soars with Quality Content

hummingbirdHave you heard of Google’s new ‘Hummingbird’ search algorithm?  Perhaps you have, but aren’t sure what it means for your company’s online presence, or how you approach search engine optimization.  Essentially, Google, the Internet’s dominant search engine, has made changes in order to deliver more relevant results to the longer, more complex queries people use today when searching for products, services, and information. Read More